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Northwest Studio is a Seattle based architecture and urban design practice, founded by partners Aaron Young and David Cutler after twenty years of independent work.  Since 2016, the studio has developed a distinctive approach that examines the fundamental conditions, and conventions, of every project in order to ask more relevant questions to create more resonant work. 

The studio’s creative work ranges from designs for buildings and interiors to urban environments across North America.

current team

david cutler, partner
brian nguy, project manager
saba rostami-shirazi
aaron young, partner

former team members

amanda reed
danele alampay
matthew fujimoto
ivan kostic
neal barber


We are looking for talented people who love to practice, and to build.  Successful candidates will demonstrate strong design and technical skills, comfort being both precise and ambiguous, and enthusiasm about working collaboratively to actively shape our growing and diverse body of work.

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