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spring district pavilion

The Spring District, in Bellevue, Washington, used to be a 36-acre warehouse and distribution center. Grey metal warehouses with north facing sawtooth skylights, blocks-and-blocks of covered loading docks, and wide unmarked asphalt service roads.  It was utilitarian and sensible.  It was a distinctly American vernacular.

Today, warehouses are giving way to apartments, offices, and technology labs, and the expansive service roads are becoming a variegated network of new streets and public spaces.  Within this enormous urban landscape we were asked to create a tiny workhorse of a building for vital programs. Commuter bicycle facilities, transit operater facilities, retail spaces, restaurant spaces, and a public open space needed to fit into two-stories on one small and eccentrically shaped site located at the most visible threshold to the district.

We brought these very different programs together in a utilitarian and sensible building, using simple materials and the vernacular of a past era to shape identity for a future neighborhood.

We used a small building to shape identity for a giant district.

Bellevue, Washington
Architecture, Public Space
16,300 sf
Wright Runstad

Landscape Architect: FazioiAssociates
Structural Engineer: KPFF
Civil Engineering: JMJ Team
Mobility: Nelson Nygaard
Geotechnical: Hart Crowser
Lighting: PLS
Graphics: Olive Design Studio
Visualization: Studio 216
General Contractor: Foushee

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