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Redmond, Washington, is focused on the great outdoors, and that character successfully attracts new residents.  The verdant landscape and moderate Pacific Northwest climate are the common spaces that potential new tenants value.  What new tenants don’t value, are high common charges.

The largest energy consumer in most midrise, multifamily, buildings, are the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.  Enclosed common lobbies, corridors, and parking garages gobble up energy, which means that a large portion of a building’s utility bill- and a tenant’s common charge, is attributable to rarely occupied space.

When we were asked to design a new building that would feel perfectly at home in Redmond, and be affordable to own and operate, we decided to turn the building inside out.  

We opened the lobbies, bike storage, corridors, and parking garage to the outdoors, eliminating their need for mechanical ventilation, and designed private covered outdoor spaces for each apartment.  The resulting architecture is inextricable from its environment.  And it costs less to build.  And it costs less to operate.

We used the great outdoors to advance a more relevant indoors.

Redmond, Washington
Architecture, Public Space
65,000 gsf

Real Estate Advisor: Heartland
Landscape Architect: SiteWorkshop
Structural Engineer: DCI
Building Systems: PAE
Civil Engineering: KPFF
Environmental: Terracon
Survey: Dowl
Geotech: Associated Earth Sciences
Preconstruction: Charter Construction

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