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hilltop housing

Sound Transit’s Link Light Rail Extension is scheduled to reach Tacoma’s Hilltop neighborhood in 2022.  And with new speculative housing developments already driving up annual property taxes and monthly rents, the Tacoma Housing Authority asked us to plan a coordinated set of buildings and open spaces that could support local residents and business owners facing the pressures of displacement.

We enthusiastically accepted, then promptly handed our design tools to the community.  We studied and designed through workshops- in the community, that positioned the lived experience of residents and business owners as the principal criteria for growing, rather than replacing, their neighborhood.

To grow a neighborhood for the community, we needed to design with the community.

Tacoma Washington
Urban Design
12 Square Blocks
Tacoma Housing Authority

Arts & Engagement: Chris & Kenji
Real Estate Advisor: Heartland
Transportation: Fehr & Peers
Engineering: KPFF

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