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Aaron Young, AIA

Aaron is a Partner and co-founder Northwest Studio, and a licensed architect practicing in Seattle, Washington.  Since 2016, alongside partner David Cutler, Aaron has worked to create unabashedly straightforward work, beautifully designed, that exposes the richness of place and resonates with his client’s purpose.

Over the past twenty-seven years, Aaron’s work has ranged from single buildings to the integration of buildings and public spaces, bringing together the fundamental elements of numerous disciplines that are critical to the creation of engaging environments.  With a deep love for the qualities that define distinct places across the United States, Aaron has designed projects for unique clients and challenging sites in Arkansas, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Aaron’s collaborative work has received numerous awards, ranging from the 2012 and 2008 AIA National Honor Awards for Regional and Urban Design to the 2011 Chicago Athenaeum American Architecture Award. But the highest honor Aaron has received remains the Mort Karp Medal, awarded in 1995 by the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design, for demonstrating the greatest concern for social, cultural, and behavioral issues as they relate to design.

Alongside professional practice, Aaron has served as a guest critic at the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design (1997 – 2011), Yale School of Architecture (2007), Columbia University (2006 – 2007), Mississippi State University (2005), Drexel University (1999), and at the wonderfully fulfilling but short lived Memphis Center for Architecture (1997).

Aaron currently serves on the Campaign for the 75th Steering Committee for the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design.

Aaron received a Bachelor of Architecture, in 1995, from the Fay Jones School of Architecture and Design at the University of Arkansas, and a Master of Architecture in Urban Design, in 2004, from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University.


background & experience

Prior to forming Northwest Studio, Aaron was an Associate Partner at Rogers Partners in New York (previously Rogers Marvel Architects) from 1999 - 2016, a Project Manager at Venturi Scott Brown & Associates in Philadelphia from 1997 - 1999, and a Designer at Jack Tucker Architects in Memphis from 1995 - 1997. 

prior works

Liggett Hall Adaptive Reuse, NY
Tapstone Energy, OK
Belluschi Tower Renovations, OK
Braniff Building, OK
SandRidge Energy New Offices, OK
SandRidge Alva Field Office Masterplan, OK
Iron Creek Energy Group Office Building, WY
WCTV5 Television Station Offices, TN
The Daily News Headquarters,  TN

urban design
Presidents Park South, Washington, DC
Waterworks Park, MN
SandRidge Commons, OK
Kerr Couch Park, OK
Battery Park City/ RTE 9a, NY
NYSE and Financial District Public Spaces, NY
Pentagon South Plaza Masterplan, VA
Mill Pond Park Masterplan, NY
Berry Land Park, NJ
Liberty Harbor Masterplan, NJ
DOT Pedstrian Bridges,  NY
Cody Canal Park, WY
Pitchfork Ranch Masterplan, WY
Perelman Quadrangle, UPENN, PA
Memphis Brewery Area Redevelopment, TN

cultural, institutional and education
Waterworks Park, MN
Public School at Drexel University, PA
New York Public Library Asset Study, NY
Trevor Day Elementary School, NY
Whitefields Multi-Purpose Building, OK
Robin Hood Libraries PS 196, NY
Robin Hood Libraries PS 380, NY
Robin Hood Libraries PS 9Q, NY
Silfen Student Study Center, UPENN, PA
Houston Hall, UPENN, PA
White Station Elementary School, TN

John Street at Brooklyn Bridge Park, NY
Newark MLK Gateway, NJ
American Can Building (Hudson Lofts), NJ
Sunrise Court Redevelopment, VA
Broome Street Redevelopment, NY
The Hoerschel Building Redevelopment, NY

Canal Street Penthouse, NY
Broome Street Residence, NY
Helie Residence, NY
Downes Residence, WY
Greybull River Ranch, WY
Russell Creek Ranch, WY
Lower Diamond Bar Ranch, WY
Irma Lake Center, Carter Mountain, WY
Otto Franc Compound, WY
Neilson Ranch, WY

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